Classic Sponge Cakes

Flavours & Fillings


If you have a food allergy or food intolerance please ask about the ingredients that will be used in your cake

Moist Carrot, Fruit & Walnut * ...

A lighter alternative to rich fruit cake but still very fruity, zesty and spicy. The cake is baked using carrots, walnuts, rum soaked sultanas and coconut and spiked with a mouthwatering fresh citrus syrup for an extra juicy twist.

Rich Fruit *...

The fruits for this deliciously moist and rich cake are bathed in brandy and the juice of fresh citrus fruits. Once baked the cake is then fed with brandy and citrus juice before being carefully wrapped and left to mature to perfection.

*covered with marzipan & contains nuts

All cakes are baked in house using only the finest ingredients including free range eggs & organic & fair trade products whenever possible.

Sponge cakes are generally baked 3" to 4" high with 2 to 3 layers of filling and will  be covered with a crumb-coat layer of  either buttercream or chocolate ganache underneath a sugarpaste topcoat, unless requested otherwise. Fruit cakes may be shallower and will have a layer of marzipan underneath a topcoat of sugarpaste.

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