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Prices & Portions

Guide Prices & Portions

The majority of our cakes are bespoke and are therefore individually priced according to size, design and flavours. 

Which put simply means that as no two cakes are ever likely to be the same we base the price on your own unique requirements. So you can have the cake of your dreams, choosing the colours, design and flavours and we will work out the cost based on the number of portions you will need to serve your guests.

Below is a guide to starting prices for a plain white or ivory iced cake with basic decoration and ribbon to coordinate with your theme. Additional elements such as sugar flowers, lacework, stencilling, piped designs, characters / models / bride and groom etc. are in addition to the stated prices and are priced according to complexity. 

 Wedding Cake prices start from ...

Portions are based on a serving size of 1" x 1" x height of cake for weddings.

2 tier ~ £220 .... serves 35 / 70 portions  
3 tier ~ £250 .... serves 40 / 80 portions 

              £290 ... serves 55 / 110 portions  

              £350 .... serves 75 / 150 portions

4 tier ~ £390 ... serves 80 / 160 portions

              £520 ... serves 100 / 200 portions

              £590 ... serves 125 / 250 portions

5 tier ~ £620 ... serves 130 / 260 portions

Get in touch ... we'd love to hear from you! 

Due to social distancing restrictions  I am currently unable to offer face to face consultations for wedding cakes. However I am happy to have a chat via email email or telephone.


'Cake Chat' appointments can be booked right here!    ........................................

Wedding Cake orders will be confirmed on receipt of a non-refundable £50 date retainer.​ 

Please contact me for further  information.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

​​If you would prefer to contact us via email or are looking for a personalised quotation for birthday cakes, christenings or other special occasions please CLICK HERE!​