Q & A with 'I DO' magazine (16th June 2020)

I Do

'With no signs of mass gatherings happening any time soon, we’ve continued to chat to wedding suppliers to see how they’ve been coping during the pandemic.

Today we chat to Dianne Stanley of Dream Cake Designs, and get her insight on how the wedding cake business has been fairing…

Q: What have you been up to since lockdown started?

A: Although my business was paused from the beginning of lockdown until the 1st June I was still very much working behind the scenes on my business and taking orders for when I could safely reopen. Allocating time to keeping my business alive and 'out there' has been crucial during the past few months and has been keeping me very busy.

My days have still been scheduled in as I find keeping a routine important, especially when everything else around has been so upside down! I'll spend an hour or 2 in the mornings catching up with emails and enquiries, and planning, editing and scheduling content for my social media. I have learned how to use Canva and Creator Studio and I recently set up a profile on LinkedIn, so I'll usually have a mooch around to see what's happening in the business world and see if there’s any new connections that I can make.

When you're regularly working from home it can be quite isolating anyway so I find a change of scenery, whether relocating to another room or sitting in the garden is good for the sanity and the soul and can stimulate creativity, even if you're still only looking at your own space! I've also been taking time out each day to read a chapter of some very interesting and thought provokingly deep self awareness books!

My afternoon usually begins with a scheduled Zoom training, networking, consultation or podcast that I have been promising myself that I would catch up with but somehow never found the time! I also try to catch up with my business coaching which somehow I always seem to fall behind with!

Most days I aim to finish up my 'office time' around 4:00 pm when my lovely hubby arrives home from work ... then it's 'cuppa and chill' for him while I prep the evening meal before we head out for our daily walk.

Q: How has it affected your business?