I haven't written a blog for quite a while but felt it important to document this moment in time not only for my business but also for my own personal reference. I work from home and under more 'normal' circumstances I would rise at around 6.30 and my work day would begin at around 9:00 / 9.30 am and be split between baking, decorating, admin, planning and family time. Daily routines would be set depending on work commitments and planned schedules followed from Monday through to Friday when the pace slows a little (unless I have a wedding cake delivery) ... and becomes those 2 days that we used to call the weekend! BUT! ever since the lock-down period began a new pattern has emerged.

The alarm inside my head NOW goes off at anytime between 4.30 / 6:30 am and my day begins when I mooch downstairs, where if he's already up Mr S. will have made a breakfast of Greek yogurt, berries and a mug of green tea (he knows what I like ☺️).

We'll have a good morning hug then go our separate ways (in the same house) to start our day.

I grab another green tea and go into the office where I'll scroll the days News, IG and FB and catch up on the previous days 'Daily Briefing'. I now like to call this 'News and Views' as somehow it makes it seem more important when I enter it into my planner the day before. I check my phone for any family messages and look at my to-do list for the day ahead.⠀

My day officially starts when Mr. S. goes out to work at 7.30 am, with a home gym session of either 30 mins cardio (#C25K) or 60 mins full body workout (@8WWG) followed by a quick shower / dressed and then and a 'Clean and Clear' session! Now I know this sounds a little bit like a medical examination, but is actually my new term for (as again I think it makes it sound more important) having a quick swoosh and swipe around the kitchen worktops, emptying and refilling the dishwasher and basically moving anything and everything that is in sight and out of place that is annoying me!

This is followed by a mid morning ‘Coffee and Catch Up ’ WhatsApp call with my 3 lovely daughters and the grandchildren if their mum (Tasha) can pin them down long enough! We share our daily / weekly wins and woes depending on how we feel, put the outside world and each others worlds to rights and try to put everything else including any anxieties about life outside of lock-down into perspective before moving on with our individual days.

Although currently paused I am still very much working behind the scenes on my business and taking orders for when I can safely be back up and running, so allocating time to keeping my business alive and 'out there' is crucial.