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Meditation, Manifesting, Money & More ... so what's all that about?

Updated: May 30

Well ... a few months ago, with a little time on my hands and a curiosity that would likely have killed the neighbour's cat (if they had one, which they don't, which is probably a good thing since every single one of our neighbours seems to have at least one dog!) Cats, however, still dare to come by to do their dooings in the garden, but I promise none of them was harmed).

Anyway, back to the topic ... I signed up for a free online money manifesting challenge '5k in 5 days!'

Now whether or not I believe that money (or anything else for that matter can be manifested) isn't really significant here .. what is significant is that I truly believed that it was worth having a go even just for the experience (and also, well I mean ... who wouldn't like to be able to manifest 5k?) ... that I was doing it for no one other than myself ... but whether money manifested through me or not the actual value of this challenge was the investment of time I gave myself to take part in it.... and for no other reason than because I wanted to ... and that investment in itself is priceless!

Sometimes you just gotta go where the flow takes ya! Right?

No matter what that new thing is that you're trying, if you've never done it before (or sometimes even if you have) taking that first step into the unknown can be a bit daunting, but it’s often the unexpected journeys that yield the greatest rewards. The following video was part of my group experience ... seeking to find my voice, daring to show vulnerability and finding the confidence to speak and be heard has been a major part of my journey over the past 10 months or so ... and not an easy journey .... so going into a group of 100's of people was a really daunting experience ... but I bloody did it!!

When we give ourselves the freedom to explore new opportunities, we unlock a world of potential. The confidence to embrace these chances, regardless of the outcome, can lead to personal growth, fulfilment, and even more opportunities.

So, next time a new opportunity comes your way, remember the value in simply giving it a try—and give yourself the investment of time. You might surprise yourself ... and even if 5k doesn't drop out of the sky into your lap I promise you, you'll still get a lot from it! I know I did! x

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Dianne x


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